Safeguarding International Traveller

Eliminating bacteria on Touch Kiosk.

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Food Safety on your finger tips

Antibacterial Glass for the Food industries

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For Medical Personnel

Prevent cross contamination from mobile devices

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For Pre-School Use

Safeguard students from germs

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Antibacterial Glass

Germ-free protection for you and your loved ones

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Mo.Care Antibacterial Glass requires no maintenance, no update and last the lifetime of your device!

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Lifelong Antibacterial

All Mo.Care Antibacterial glass are treated with a unique ionic silver process.

Touching, tapping and swiping screen has been part of our life. Our touch screen devices have a dirty secret, they are cover with more bacteria per square inch than a toilet seat. Mo.Care glass are formulated with an antibacterial agent, lab tested to keep the touch screen surface germs free.

This innovation is made possible by infusing the glass protector with ionic sliver which is an antibacterial agent that requires no maintenance, no update and last the lifetime of your device.


Cross-contamination in your family

Features Overview

Mo.Care Product Focus
  • Pioneering Antibacterial Ionic Silver Surface

    With embedded Ionic Silver within the glass, it enables the glass to have antibacterial properties that last.

  • Smudge-free Experience

    Mo.Care Antibacterial Glass is applied with Oleophobic Coating that repels your finger prints.

  • Hassle-free Application

    Not only is Mo.Care Antibacterial Glass is easy to install on your device, but you save the trouble of frequently cleaning your screen with antibacterial solution.

  • Designed for Modern Devices

    Mo.Care Antibacterial Glass is available for iPhone X, iPhone 8+, iPhone 8, iPhone7+, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s+, iPhone 6s.

TUV & SGS Certified Antibacterial

Every batch of Mo.Care Antibacterial glass is tested by an accredited laboratory based on the JIS Z2801 modified test on antimicrobial activity and efficacy. Then every piece of Mo.Care glass is given a unique batch number using an invisible UV printing technique.

Protect and Care for the ones you love